PET Zambia
Saying Thank You!
PETs in a Field

Dear Partners... The gifts that came in for the PET ministry on that day were $12,935.02! That is just amazing and we want to thank each one of your for the part you took in making this happen. We also want to thank the Global Ministry office for the part they helped with this as well. These gifts will be used to build PETs for disabled people in Zambia and the surrounding countries. PET Zambia will be able to build at least 130 PETs with these gifts. That is exciting to realize! Giving mobility to some of the most needy people on earth is a joy to be part of. You have and will continue to change many lives. As we step into this New Year we have the wonderful opportunity to bless so many. PET Zambia is encouraged and will move forward with a deep and renewed desire to help as many disabled people as we can in 2016. You are the ones making this happen! Delbert and Sandy, the staff at the New Life Center and PET Zambia Workshop want to say on behalf of all the disabled people we serve together, Thank You.