PET Zambia
Malawi PET Distribution 2014

The New Life Center began their relationship KODO and it founder, George Chimpiko a few years ago. George is a Malawian who works with the disabled in his community and is disabled himself. The word KODO means “disabled” in the local language. He was looking for a type of mobility chair that he could give to those he worked with, but he needed something more sturdy and durable than a regular wheelchair. In his search, he eventually got in touch with us at PET Zambia ministry at NLC. It was exactly what he was looking for! Two years ago, we were able to deliver our first truck load of PETs to KODO.

In August of 2014, NLC delivered their third load of PETs to Salima, Malawi. The day started out with unloading the 50 PETs from the truck, we then gathered with the recipients for a time of introductions, singing, encouraging, and prayer. Then the real fun began as the recipients (26 that day) were able to then pick out their brand new PET! The sight of seeing these precious individuals pick and try out something that will change their lives is incredible! They were excited but nervous as they got themselves off the ground and onto the seats. It was quiet at first, but within about 15 minutes, they were wheeling themselves around - a big smile on their face and chattering away with each other and their families. Before they left, we were able to pray for each and every one of the recipients - we prayed that the Lord would bless them and continue to provide for them and their families, that He would strengthen their arms and hands as they used the PET, that He would open doors for them and show them His plans for them, and that they would know how loved and precious they are. Please continue to pray for them!

I was able to chat with the sister of one young woman who received a PET that day. She watched her sister try out the PET and was glowing with happiness as she watched how happy her sister was. She said that she carried her sister on her back every time she needed to go anywhere, but now she wouldn’t have to. She said they were believers and her sister had prayed and fasted for a couple weeks that she would get something that would allow her to get around. And the Lord provided with this PET!

How humbling and blessed I was to be able to witness this provision of the Lord in their lives! He is using this ministry to change lives. As Delbert says, we get to see these people get picked up off the ground, out of the dust and dirt, and given a chance to change their lives for the better. We get to tell them and show them that they are loved by God and not forgotten. What a great reminder and message to us all!